Delta takes delivery on AB350--first for a N. American airline

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines' started by jimntx, Jul 17, 2017.

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    I'm having a senior moment. What does AFP mean? I just can't come up with it.

    BTW, Thanks for the info. There's one thing for sure, there is plenty of business in the DFW metroplex for all of us. Just look at the example of DL frequency to ATL, then consider that AA has 7 flights/day on that route, all except one are either 737 or A321, and they are always full. Now, add in 19 flights/day on WN (most involve 1 stop, but not necessarily a change of planes). And, that's just one market.
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    Alternate Flying Program. Its just a cute name for a satellite base. All the overhead is done at one of the domiciles (BOS, ATL, CVG, SLC, MSP, DTW, MCO, MIA, SFO, SEA) but the crews will be "based" at the AFP so they don't have to commute.

    FWIW DFW is a jetway trade city, which helps the commuters out some.

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