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Discussion in 'American Airlines' started by Phillip, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Hello to everybody, New to the forum so go easy!!!!!

    Im looking to travel to Cancun from Miami in July on standby ticket. Having looked at the flights there seems to be 5 flights a day. Could anybody advise me if it would be difficult for me and my family (4) to get on?

    Would another route into Cancun be more advisable
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    Welcome to forums.

    Depending on day(s) of week n time in july u cld get a seat. U may want to try going out of PHL DFW or CLT as well as may be CLT too. Bestcof luck
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    Best bet:
    1. Determine which day you will fly to Cancun.
    2. List for the very first flight on that date (Yeah I know. My wife/girlfriend/daughter doesn't like to get up early either. Do you or don't you want to go to Cancun? LOL)
    3. On the day prior to departure, make sure you check in for the flight as close to 24 hours prior to departure as you can make it. (Computer will make sure you don't check in even 1 minute more than 24 hours prior.) If first flight of the day is 0800, list for that flight and check in at 0800 departure date -1. This is critical because priority list is ordered by check in time and date.
    4. Be at the airport at the departure gate at least 1 hour prior to departure.
    5. In a very friendly tone of voice, tell the gate agent that you are present and standing by. (You'd be surprised at how many people list and check in, but don't bother going to the gate "because boarding doesn''t start until 20 minutes prior to departure." Those people get removed from the list due to no response when paged to get boarding pass.
    6. When your name is called, go immediately to the gate podium to collect your boarding passes. (This assumes there are seats available on first flight.) More than likely, the agent will not page you a 2nd time before going to next name on the list.
    7. This step also critical if necessary. If no seats available, you will be rolled over to the standby list for the very next flight to Cancun. You will be placed on the standby list ahead of the non-revs who just listed directly for the 2nd flight of the day (because your check-in time 24 hours in advance is earlier than the 24 hours in advance of the 2nd flight). This step will be repeated as often as necessary (even rolling over to first flight of next day if you don't get on last flight of the day. Before leaving the gate area of last flight of the day, you may need to ask to be rolled over to next day. Policy may be to not roll over to next day unless you ask.
    8. Don't get discouraged. You never know how standby flying is going to work. At Christmas 2 years ago, my brother and his wife started Christmas Eve listed as D3s for first flight DFW-SEA (one of our busiest routes any time any day of the year. There are something like 15 flights/day on the route.) They rolled over every single flight that day until the last one. They got on that flight with one of them sitting in the exit row aisle seat and the other in First Class--two of the most desired seats on any flight!!!
    9. Just FYI, if your travel party is more than 2 people (including you), be willing to not sit together on the airplane. Having 3 or more seats together will be almost impossible by the time they are boarding non-revs. If you, your wife, and 2 children, the best you can hope for is you sit with one child; wife sits with the other. Resign yourself to the fact that all chickens, dogs, and unwashed go ahead of non-rev standbys. LOL
    10. Don't even THINK of trying to game the system--such as, listing and checking in as D2s, but deleting and rebooking as D1s if the D1s appear to be taking up all available seats. You will lose your travel privileges--possibly permanently. Remember: No changes to itinerary less than 24 hours prior to departure--i.e., after you have checked in.
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