ICON A-5 Crashes with 2 Engineers Onboard

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    For the Aviation buffs out there. Wondering how bad this will hit the co. producing it? They have been having problems, laid off employees, and now this. My question is, were the test pilots laid off? Loosing 2 engineers on the same project is gonna be rough. No mention from the CEO of the co. about the 2 lost engineers and their families. So I will, our prayers and thoughts go out to the engineers and their families, may they rest in peace.

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    Icon A5 Amphibious Plane Crashes, Killing 2 Company Engineers

    CEO's comments;
    "I flew in an A5 two years ago when Icon brought the aircraft to New York for media test rides on the Hudson River. It is a gorgeous bird and a joy to experience. The $200,000 small amphibious plane is meant to make flying fun and accessible for people who might be put off by traditional small planes. Its simple dash looks more like a car's. Karkow built the plane to be remarkably foolproof and user-friendly, with the design resistant to spins and stalls."

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