Jet Blue at it again to win Virgins loyalty flyers

Discussion in 'jetBlue' started by swamt, Jun 28, 2016.

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    JB is making fantastic deals to get Virgin customers over to their brand.  Even with how loyal Virgin's customers are, some may find it hard to pass up these deals being cut. I would be willing to bet that the most elite Virgin customers could even step up their own game and get even more perks out of JB with the promise to roll on over to them:
    JetBlue courts Virgin America flyers with sweetheart deal 
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    You'd think if the promotions were working, they wouldn't have to keep upping the ante.

    The fact is that Jetblue's footprint out west isn't the same as what Virgin or Alaska will offer. Unless they plan to start expanding their flying in California, they'll be hard put to win much more than they already have.

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