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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by josch034, Jan 15, 2011.

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    I am flying internationally from MSY (new Orleans) to ICN ( Incheon international) but i must take a stop at ORD ( chicago O hare) the date is january 28th and my flight will arrive at 8 pm and leave at 1 am in the morning. it says i will arrive about 6 am in korea but i need to be on another flight in korea by 11 am is it safe to do this because i have heard that ORD is horrible with planes during winter time will this be true if my flight is a red eye ? thank you
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    Departing at 1AM, ORD should be pretty quiet. Short of a lot of snow shutting the airport down (a LOT of snow) you should be fine. Your biggest danger is that the flight to ORD cancels - hopefully there's another one after yours. If not and your flight does cancel, be sure to ask about alternate routing - maybe through IAH to the west coast then catch a flight to ICN.

    Technically your ORD-ICN flight isn't a redeye. The night departure and early morning arrival is due to the large time difference and long flight time - ICN is 16 or so hours ahead of ORD so it's already about 7PM in ICN when you're leaving ORD at 1AM. Your flight includes a night and a half - depart ORD 1AM on the 29th and arrive ICN at 6AM on the 31st - but you'll only see one night since you'll jump 24 hours ahead when you cross the international date line.


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