Pilot Rewards His 1 Millionth Customer

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    I don't ever remember this being done before. Took 22 years to do it, so I assume this is a pretty big celebration (not a pilot, so really didn't know). I also have never heard of any Pilots keeping track of the number of passengers they have flown. I also assume this was done strictly by the Pilot and SWA was not involved in assisting. If that is the case (which I think it is) it is indeed a wonderful move and a personal one taken by this Captain. Great idea, one very happy customer and great to hear some positive news about an airline in the news as of late. I guess a lot of Pilots may not even reach 1 million in their careers. Congrats to the Pilot and the lucky customer who hit the milestone together...

    This Pilot's Surprise For A Passenger Is Making The Internet Cheer
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