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Discussion in 'Freight Carriers' started by bikeguy, Jan 25, 2010.

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    A Friend of mine just got his A&P last summer and has worked as a couier for 19 years. He got into the MTP program and transfered to LAX.
    He tells me that there will be quite a lot of openings this year as the older guys are leaving.(flying tigers) Anyone know what the hiring looks like for this year?
    Or is he full of crap???
    Just wanting a second voice of reason as he sometimes seems to stretch things.
    Thanks so much......
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    It can be anyones guess on that they are changing so many rules here that we never know what is going on. True there will be some older guys retireing but they want to squeeze blood out of a tomato here. Some stations are 50% down on manpower and they have not replaced them. That is why there is a Union drive going on because they changed our retirement and do not follow the rules and we have no protection. If I where you I'd look into UPS they have better benefits and retirement. If you still want to hire in at fedex first if a job is posted it goes to the inside first Job family 1 (amt's) if no one takes the job or is qualified they will go outside which means someone in the hub or a non worker for fedex can get a shot. You need to go to and look under careers and you can see what is posted. Which I can tell you more but when they do hire that means we are way down and they will open the doors for a better chance. Your friend is not wrong or right hes just trying to help your spirits.
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