Return of MAX not until "at least" October (and maybe next year).

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    Evidently there are several steps in the recertification process that have not been completed. One is NPRM--Notice of Proposed Rule Making. No I don't think I can splain it. Go to the link and read it.

    Potentially scary quote from article--
    FAA stated that “in the near future” it will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking so that the public can comment on crew procedures to mitigate possible safety risks on the aircraft. (Public gets to comment on crew procedures? What could possibly go wrong?:eek:)
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    That's standard procedure with DOT and FAA. Comments from the general public will be largely ignored because they don't really have standing, but it does gives the unions, industry groups, consumer groups, etc. a voice. And, since a lot of them won't have standing either, most of those comments will also be ignored.

    There have been cases where the NPRM period has been reduced, but I doubt they'll do it here.

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