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    AA Wants to double charge me

    I bought two business class tickets back in March from Miami to Montego Bay for departure on Sep 1 2021 and return on Sep 6 2021. Originally, the flight was scheduled for departure at 10:30am and scheduled for return around 6pm and both tickets were issued in business class. from March to the...
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    Is the future of Air Travel? Are Qatar Qsuites a possible layout for safe travel?

    We recently flew on Qatar Airlines Qsuites and did a video evaluating how they would need to be updated post COVID to get people feeling safe about Air Travel. We also discuss and evaluate other changes that would need to be made in the broader market. Check out the video and let us know what...
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    Emirates business class short review

    This is the best b. class i have ever been to.With the Boeing 777-300ER your flight is the most comfortable it offers seats inspired by sports cars , you can watch films on a 23 inch display and enjoy your drink at the mini bar.The flat-bed seats are the best seats i have ever lain on.The...