1. Vlad Smitrovich

    San Diego-based F/As on AA191 (May 25, 1979)

    I'm working on a comprehensive, full-length narrative nonfiction book on what remains the deadliest U.S. airline accident, AA Flight 191 at Chicago O'Hare on May 25, 1979. This book will be the first of its kind in 40 years, to be published hopefully next year. Currently I'm looking for...
  2. C

    Aerosucre 727 crash probe missing aircraft weight data

    Investigators probing the crash of an Aerosucre Boeing 727-200 freighter during departure have so far been unable to determine the take-off weight of the aircraft. The 727 overran at Puerto Carreno as it attempted to depart the airport in a tailwind, Colombian accident investigation authority...