Sep 19, 2019
Tampa, Florida
I'm working on a comprehensive, full-length narrative nonfiction book on what remains the deadliest U.S. airline accident, AA Flight 191 at Chicago O'Hare on May 25, 1979. This book will be the first of its kind in 40 years, to be published hopefully next year.

Currently I'm looking for additional background on that flight's cabin crew, beyond what newspaper archives and online records have given me. Through my late father's (ex-F/O, American) contacts, I've managed to get a bit of information, but here I'd like to cast a wider net.

The deceased individuals in question are: Linda Kay (Lyon) Bundens; Paula Burns; James Truitt DeHart, Jr.; Carmen Linda (Terlaje) Fowler; Katherine Hiebert; Carol "Pepper" (Mulhern) Ohm; Linda Marie Prince; Michael W. Schassburger; Nancy Theresa Sullivan; and Sally Jo (Nettleton) Titterington.

If there are any former colleagues, friends, or contemporaries of these folks out there with any background or stories, I'd love to hear them.

- Vlad

rick mace

Jun 26, 2020
Let me know if you've gotten any updates. I would be interested. Although after 41 years many of the contemporaries will be gone by now.

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