1. Lloyd Grey

    Our Real Enemies now pressuring Washington for more foreign MRO.

    http://www.ubmaviationnews.com/News/Today-s-News/Technology/ARSA-urges-DHS-to-finalise-repair-station-rules ARSA urges DHS to finalise repair station rules The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA), along with 11 other aviation organisations, has sent a letter to Janet Napolitano...
  2. Lloyd Grey


    It is time to be proactive and call the White House. Demand a 14CFR - FAR rule change so that all domestic air carriers will send their planes to domestic overhaul centers rather than Asia or Latin America. The following points to a Facebook page dedicated to bringing American aviation jobs...
  3. xUT

    Unfriendly Skies

    The Facts About United Airlines' Strategy to Offshore and Outsource U.S. Jobs to the Detriment of Pilots and Passengers This is funny! UA pilots had no problem with maintenance outsourcing. Now it's important as they get outsourced. I told you boys you would be next but you didn't see it...