1. M

    Reserve Status and Bases - Questions for current UA FAs

    I left to raise a child after flying for another major carrier for seventeen years. I'm finally in the position to go back to the airline industry, and currently I'm in the interview process with United. I've done some Internet research, but many of my questions are left unanswered...
  2. Glenn Quagmire

    5 Airlines Investigated For Post-Derailment Price-Gouging

    "The U.S. Transportation Department has opened an investigation into five U.S. airlines for price gouging. Delta, American, United, Southwest and JetBlue are all being asked for information on pricing on flights between New York and Washington, D.C., before and after May 12, 2015. That's the day...
  3. 7

    Implications of UA IAM PCE agreement for US CWA

    There was some recent discussion in the 2014 Maintenance & Related AMFA Cards thread regarding the implications of the November 2013 concessionary IAM agreements at United. Rather than addressing this in the maintenance thread, I think the topic deserves its own thread.        Yes I predict it...