Implications of UA IAM PCE agreement for US CWA


Jun 5, 2010
There was some recent discussion in the 2014 Maintenance & Related AMFA Cards thread regarding the implications of the November 2013 concessionary IAM agreements at United. Rather than addressing this in the maintenance thread, I think the topic deserves its own thread. 

john john said:
The bad bad bad IAM agreement will have a negative affect on the on going transition negotiations at US/AA with the Passenger Service Group

Yes I predict it will as well. The IAM has lowered the standards for all workers in this industry and shown the way to whittle down scope protections.  This time they went after the outstations but in the next contract once they are only down to the hubs the company will go after the hubs next.  The IAM allowed the company to drive a wedge between workers and was played. 
I spoke to Ellis Ryan, President of local 3140 this week and asked this very question.  He acknowledged that it will be a challenge but says AA is posting record profits and they will use your current US CBA as the template going forward. But then again, Ellis has never worked for AA, and been retired from USAIR at SRQ since 2005 yet he still is the local president for all of Florida and SJU.

john john said:
The above the wing UA contract is being use as the scope to compare Passenger Service Group with by the company
It is a trophy for management. IT IS A BAD CONTRACT and hard to bargain against
It would be great if the unions could use the UA above the wing contact to its advantage this is not the case Again the above the wing UA IAM contract and the affect it has on the agent work group is/has/had an echo concern realizing this is simple going forward without this deduction would be naive
Are any of the RIF above the wing?

CWA base rates are considerably lower and you guys have people in stations that IAM fleet service deem too small and unrealistic to have staffed.  

700UW said:
I guess you dont realize the AW and BW have the same language when it comes to outsourcing, and like I stated it had NO effect at US on the Fleet CBA, now did it?
Fleet at US has the best scope language in the industry.

The company wouldn't have agreed to that scope if they were still negotiating with US on a standalone basis.  Claim victory all you want but the fact is the company wants to work towards a joint agreement and wanted to keep things as is to hold them over for joint negotiations.  The TWU AA fleet agreement is superior to your IAM US agreement.

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