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    United Airlines, my experience

    I feel it is important to share my latest experience with United Airlines to help other travelers. I had a terrible experience with United Airline, and honestly, I will never fly with them again. I do not recommend this Airline at all. After the incident, I reached out to customer service, and...
  2. C

    ZED Aerospace set to disrupt U.S. airlines with AURA

    Came across this new airline called AURA today. Looks really cool and the prices they have on their website are actually affordable, like NYC-Chicago for $380. Check out their site: flyaura.com From: https://www.altitudesmagazine.com/design/yasava-solutions-the-wave-cabin-zed-aerospace/...
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    UAL is a mess

    United Airlines is a mess, totally tone deaf about service for customers. If you ship a dog with them, their process seems to be to put the dog on any plane that has room in cargo, regardless of where the dog is supposed to go. If you bring a dog on board, their process is to put it in the...
  4. crossfeed

    Industry Leading Wage

    TWA, America West, US Airways, Continental, Airtran, Northwest, merged, or joined forces, oil 85 a barrel, and dropping like a rock, older mechanics retiring making room for lower paid mechanics, Ebola a blip on the radar.  United Airlines is heading for a profitable bright future.  :rolleyes:
  5. Claudia415

    Time to oust Jeff Smisek from UAL

    We need your help to push Jeff "Union buster" Smisek off his throne at United Airlines. Please sign our petition. We need as many signatures as possible. http://www.change.org/petitions/no-confidence-vote-for-jeff-smisek-as-ceo-of-ual By showing a no confidence vote, we can begin the path for...
  6. xUT

    United Airlines parent narrows loss in 1Q

    United Airlines parent narrows loss in 1Q B) xUT
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    End of an Era

  8. xUT

    Unfriendly Skies

    The Facts About United Airlines' Strategy to Offshore and Outsource U.S. Jobs to the Detriment of Pilots and Passengers This is funny! UA pilots had no problem with maintenance outsourcing. Now it's important as they get outsourced. I told you boys you would be next but you didn't see it...