1st Qtr, 2017, Net Profit down 69% from 2016


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX

"The Chicago-based airline reported a net profit of $96 million, down 69.3% from $313 million in net income in the 2016 March quarter. Sharp rises in fuel costs and higher labor expenses appeared to drive the profit decline as growth in expenses outpaced the rate of revenue gains."

The $313 million net profit for 1st Quarter, 2016 was a drop of 38% from 1st Quarter, 2015 which produced net profit in excess of $500 million..

And, the recent PR disasters don't even figure in either drop. Can Munoz turn this around?
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The fuel bogey hit all of the airlines -- DL had a fairly sizable drop in 1Q net income as well (45%?) driven largely by fuel.

The labor increase is the price paid for labor peace, and attributable to Munoz. Everyone I know at UA is solidly behind him, so that's a plus.

I'll take a PR disaster any day over the $125M hit that DL is going to be taking for their operations meltdown... Aside from a few outraged millenials and celebrities, I doubt that there's going to be anything measurable in 2Q, and people will have forgotten largely by 3Q.

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