A pilots self-employed business


May 19, 2003
Hello pilots! I own and operate a great business where I patrol by road and air! My dad thought it up and started it back in 1983. I worked with him from the begining and then bought it from him 4 years ago. It''s a great job! The pilot job market is tough now, and I see no reason why other pilots could not be self-employed like me, running their own Unique Patrols and flying everyday! Its fairly low overhead to start it up, but I''ll admite you need to be self-motivated, persistant and hardworking to ''make it fly''. I have been selling my handbook online for the last few years and have sold a few...but not a lot of them. Quess what I''m saying is there are still alot of good patrolling area''s out there. I think any rural area around any major city would be a great area, as I patrol 30 miles east of Kansas City. For the right person...A Unique Patrols could be a great business to own and operate! Nice to meet y-all, SkyDon

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