AA 989 MIA/SJC Makes Emergency Landing


Aug 20, 2002
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[DIV class=body-head][FONT size=3][FONT face=Arial][SPAN class=headline]Plane makes emergency landing at MIA AA 989 MIA/SJO[/SPAN][BR][SPAN class=byline]By LUISA YANEZ[/SPAN][BR][SPAN class=creditline][A href=mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/A][/SPAN][/FONT][/FONT][BR][BR][FONT face=Arial size=3]An American Airlines airbus experiencing trouble with tires on its landing gear touched down safely at Miami International Airport today. [/FONT][BR][BR][FONT face=Arial size=3]With Miami-Dade County fire and police personnel lining the tarmac, the plane landed around 11:45 a.m. in a main runway visible from
State Road 836.[/FONT][BR][BR][FONT face=Arial size=3]The plane was quickly towed off the runway with its passengers still inside, where emergency workers prepared for an evacuation. Buses stood by to take passengers back to the terminal.[/FONT][BR][BR][FONT face=Arial size=3]There were no early reports of injuries.[/FONT][BR][BR][FONT face=Arial size=3]Traffic along the highway and Perimeter Road came to a standstill as the commotion on the runway attracted gawkers. Up to 10 fire rescue units and scores of police cruisers and county vehicles with flashing lights surrounded the airplane.[/FONT][BR][BR][/SPAN][!-- end body-content --][/SPAN][/DIV]
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 12/3/2002 2:28:40 PM 1AA wrote:
[P]Its an Airbus. Its beyond repair. [/P]----------------[/BLOCKQUOTE]
[P][/P]{snarfl} Now [EM]that[/EM] was a pantspisser!
Its an Airbus. Its beyond repair.
On 12/3/2002 12:10:48 PM MiAAmi wrote:

That would be SJO not SJC. And traffic along 836 is always backed up regardless

"Spotters Traffic". It does not matter what time of the day, what day of week, what week of the year, traffic alongside the permiter fence of MIA is always backed up. And then magically, once the views of all those cool airplanes dissapear, the traffic is gone.

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