AA Loses Passenger's $250,000 Prosthetic Leg


Sep 12, 2007
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"Haslet-Davis, a professional dancer, lost her leg in the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013. She tweeted Thursday evening that the airline lost a bag containing her prosthetic leg and dance parts, valued at over $250,000."
Good news is that the bag was eventually found, but personally I would avoid checking anything worth more than $50, especially if I needed later for my work and pretty much irreplaceable in the short term.  Lost tags, misloads, equipment malfunctions, and yes, even theft, if it was that important, it wouldn't leave my side or gate valet it.
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USFlyer said:
Why on earth was this in checked luggage?
I was wondering the same thing........But the article said she lost leg and dance parts.....Maybe it was a special prosthetic leg which enabled her to continue dancing......and not her "every day" one.
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