ADVISORY/AMR Labor Coalition Press Conference

[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 1/22/2003 7:58:37 PM gogogadget wrote: [BR][BR]RV4[BR][BR]Carty is not a Bin ladin, but he is attacking our way of life in the same fashion! Do you get the similarities at all?[BR]-----------------[BR][BR]Please think about what you are saying![BR][BR]Think about the passengers on those aircraft the day of 9/11. Think about those WORKERS in the towers. Think about those Police and Fire Union Brothers. And honestly tell me where I should "get the similarites"?

Your definition is just what I need, Take away the violence and harm in the definition and everything else applies. The same holds true to other CEO's that are trying to sock it to labor at the expense of 9/11. The Political process is flawed, Period. Anytime you have a CEO trying to make profits at the expense of his employees, it is wrong. I was there when Carty lashed out at his own employees and then totally changed and said these are the best employees around, When Jesse Jackson walked next to us. I Saw how much he cared.

I am in no way for violence in the workplace and there is truly can be problems with unions and strong arm tactics. It is wrong and just as it is wrong the same tactics used by management is wrong also. Carty wants us to work together yet he works behind our back to dismantle us. He puts group against group by imposing rules that foster seperatist feelings among employees. Pilots are responsible for everything that happens on the plane, yet when you dont have enough sodas or water on the AC guess who gets the call. FA's have their responsibilities also yet when agents are going to get in trouble for not having the door closed 10 minutes early, guess who get the call. FA's getting harrassed because the got dirt on their skirt durring a flight and have but minutes to make a connecting flight to get out on time, that is wrong. This is all brought on by Carty's methods of getting along, yet he puts on a public front that we are the problem.

Terrorism has many shapes and forms, not all of which is violent. I have many firends that are not here because of 9/11, and I do now will I ever forget them or the workers in the aftermath. But it is people like Carty that start a trend. Seigle at USairways is after one of the most sacred thing Americans have and that is a pension. Tilton at UAL is next in Line and Carty is next. They attack us because we are a target of opportunity! And their loyalty is to the shareholders.

Carty himself has stated that he will take AMR into BK to get changes. If that is not a scare tactic (however true it may be) I dont know what is. (

"2. The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization."

How will this effect your family? It has already affected mine. Are you afraid for your job and being able to provide for you family in the same manner you were accustomed to or will bad managemnt leadership cause you to lose much so that shareholders may thrive.
9/11 = bad management?

Let's stop kidding ourselves and just shut the place down now. We lost our way whenever we determined that it is only fair to increase wages and complicate work rules. If there isn't going to be any cooperation from the employees who actually have a choice of whether to cooperate (I don't have the luxury of being one), then we are all wasting our time.

Let us all now turn in our books to Chapter 7...
S&P puts ratings on CreditWatch

The financial community agrees. Late Wednesday, Standard & Poor's put the company's ratings on CreditWatch, citing the losses, the industry's largest ever for 2002, and a need to find a way to overhaul the airline's cost structure. Other financing issues remain pressing as well.

"While near-term cash liquidity remains adequate, American Airlines faces the potential acceleration of over $800 million of bank debt due to likely covenant violations by June 30, 2003, and has used up most of its readily financeable collateral borrowing to cover cash losses," wrote S&P's lead aerospace credit analyst Philip Baggaley.

Peter Jacobs, analyst at Ragen MacKenzie/Wells Fargo, downgraded the stock to "hold" from "buy" on Thursday. The outlook hinges on how much the airline has to pay its union workers.

Jacobs, who owns AMR stock, said that bankruptcy could be the outcome in 12-15 months if the company doesn't get a wage concessions agreement.
The bad thing about some of these analysts is that they the same people drinking a $5.00 cup of Starbucks coffee and complain that airline fares are too high! I bet If we reduced the wage of the person that makes the Coffee, we will have a better cup of coffee and make more money!