AFA launches campaign at Delta

Great to hear. I hope they get er done. I believe the top 3 groups Pilots, Mechanics, and F/A's should all be represented. Maybe the F/A's can show the Delta Mechanics how it is done. A good choice with the AFA. At least they are C&C representational union for the F/A's. Good luck to all...
I wouldn't bet the rent money on a positive vote for representation. About the time I started with AA (Sept,.2000) there was one of the legions of representation votes at Delta. It was voted down. I knew a very senior Delta flight attendant who also lived in Houston. She and I were having lunch together one day and I asked her how she planned to vote. She told me that she supported the concept of unionization for the flight attendants, 'but right now is just not a good time to do it." I asked her who told you that? She said, "my supervisor." She then voted against representation.

Also, the fact is that flight attendants at Delta get pretty much everything that flight attendants in organized airlines, but they don't have to pay dues to get them. Delta management has been very canny on this issue. 'What can a union do for you that isn't already being done?" A lot of Delta flight attendants that I know see a union as nothing more than job protection for flight attendants who should be fired--(like the one at AA who was fired 3 times for telling F/C passengers to go f*** themselves.) The sad part is that the arbitrator gave her her job back 3 times for same offense. I heard that the union had decided to risk not representing her in an appeal if she got fired a 4th time. Fortunately she decided that AA flight attendant was not worthy of her abilities and quit.
All valid points, though I'd note that a significant percentage* of the workforce has been hired since last vote.

In my experience, the junior F/As are much more pro union than their senior counterparts.

We'll see how it goes, I guess.

*I have heard anywhere from 30-40%, but haven't done the math.
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I don't really know the rules on representation elections. Does success require 50%+1 of the ballots cast voting YES, or 50%+1 of the total number of active flight attendants (voting or not) voting YES.
So far everything has been very normal (for lack of a better term). All in seniority order, etc. The only thing difference being priority given to those requesting a 90 day leave.
Kev., I see that 5,000 flight attendants have put in for the leave request. Any details on if or how they may get paid or not paid and for how long?
Due to the way they’re scheduled, The FAs are under a different leave package than we are (but with the same “benefits” like keeping insurance), so I’m not sure what options they have.

I can tell you that most other groups have options ranging for 1 week to 90 days. All are voluntary, and all are unpaid. Yesterday it was noted that something like 10000 people across the company had taken some form of leave.
As E pointed out on here recently...the airlines are in a "conserve cash" position. Leave "buyouts" cost cash; so, you will not see any personnel leave programs that require the company to put out large amounts of cash. In other words, there ain't gonna be any buyouts offered--even retirement buyouts. Though over the long-term a retirement buyout would save more cash, the buyout has to occur right now, and right now, the airlines can not be expected to put cash on the table when trying to reduce staff.
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