Airline Passenger Survey on in-flight mobile telephony

Krishna Kumar

May 7, 2006
My name is Krishna Kumar and I am currently a student on the MSc Air Transport Management degree at Cranfield University, United Kingdom. As part of my course I am completing a thesis on “The economic feasibility of In-flight mobile telephonyâ€￾.

Please access the survey by visiting Airline Passenger Survey

This survey has been designed to seek passenger views on the introduction of in-flight mobile telephony. The information that you provide will not only provide results for my research but also assist airlines and those involved in the industry to better align their communication services more closely to passengers needs. This survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete and consist of 5 sections.

Please help me by filling this survey with your valuable feedback on this subject. Looking forward for everyone's help

Thank you for spending your valuable time
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Thank you for all of you completed the survey. Will appreciate if more people fill in the survey and help me in the research