ALPA takes action - January 17 code-a-phone update



ALPA MEC code-a-phone update – January 17, 2003
This is Roy Freundlich with a US Airways MEC update for Friday, January 17, with two new items:
Item 1. The MEC, MEC officers, and Legislative Affairs Committee, in cooperation with U.S. Senators Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum, are requesting that all US Airways pilots participate in a grassroots effort seeking a legislative solution to the pension plan issue. Senator Santorum attempted to introduce this legislation by unanimous consent into the Senate on January 9, but it was not accepted because of objections by two senators. It was then referred to the Senate Finance Committee, which handles all proposed legislation on revenue measures.
Therefore, we are requesting that pilots fax a prepared form letter to the each of the 21 members of the Senate Finance Committee, asking them to support and move forward legislation that will allow the Company to spread out the 3.1 billion dollars in funding requirements to the employee pension plans over 30 years, instead of seven years, which is the current term.
A link to the Legislative Affairs Committee home page, which includes a prepared form letter and the names and fax numbers of the Senate Finance Committee members, has been placed under urgent messages on the pilots only website home page. Remember to address and to sign the form letter before faxing it to the individual members of the Committee. Please help to keep our message consistent by using the form letter.
The MEC thanks you in advance for your participation in this very important effort.
Item 2. The federal bankruptcy court today approved US Airways’ disclosure statement after a two-day hearing. This enables the plan of reorganization to be sent to creditors for a vote. It can still be changed to accommodate any concerns raised by creditors or the court at a later time. Resolving the pension plan issue and obtaining an ATSB loan guarantee are conditions of the plan of reorganization.