America West Pilots Seek Pay For Efforts Toward

ringmaruf said:
I could be mistaken since I don't generally pay a whole lot of attention to AA, but I thought the TWA mechanics had fences of some sort at STL and MCI.

Now that you mention it, I think you are correct. But, I think I also remember that the company has completely shut down the STL maintenance operation and MCI has been cut back drastically. (So much for fences.)

This fence thing is the very reason that I think that both AWA and US union groups should look at the seniority integration long and hard. The f/a fence at STL for the former TW flight attendants was supposed to stay in place until 09APR06 (5 years from the original integration date of 10APR01). The company and APFA saw massive layoffs coming on the AA side; so, they used a clause in the Seniority Integration Agreement to take down the fence and use the former TW flight attendants as furlough fodder. I still got furloughed at the same time--02JUL03--and most of the TW flight attendants would have been furloughed anyway (we have between 400-500 f/as based at STL today), but the furloughs would have gone much more senior on the AA side if the fence had remained up.

The company and the more powerful union can ALWAYS find a way to take down the fence if it suits them. There have been several lawsuits filed about the AA/TW mess, and all have been dismissed. That's what you get from the courts today--if the COMPANY wants to do it, it's legal.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the AFA integration should be a bit cheaper than ALPA, no?

From a seniority standpoint, it should just be a matter of where the fences go.

That said, I love the move. Let the company pay.