AMFA gets credit when credit is due.


Oct 20, 2007
Bravo 👏 to AMFA for winning this one. Hey Swampy see I’m fair.

“In July 2022, an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) was tested and found with higher than allowable levels of THC in his system. He was immediately fired on safety grounds. But he appealed through his union and has now won his job back…on an interesting defense.

While he did not deny the THC readings in his system, he denied using drugs and speculated that he had “unwittingly ingested a marijuana edible at a block party/barbecue he had recently attended.”

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Lee Seeham of course. Well with how much money AMFA gives that guy every year he better have at least an occasional win under his belt.

Yeah AMFA won! They brought back a druggie, what a pathetic union. Nothing to be proud. Alaska Airlines employees should celebrate, its time to smoke some ganja!
Can you imagine having to work at a place where a druggie tells you what to do? Haha typical AMFA leadership. Bet they are proud of this win.