AMFA National President Update - January and February 2024


Apr 26, 2005
Some good progress on some of the contract talks going on. Amazing how the nego attitudes will change when you bring in third party observers.
A T/A for Alaska Techs with IL wages. Vote ends mid March.

National President Update - January and February 2024
March 1, 2024 -- The start of a new year is always exciting to execute our goals while new experiences and relationships await. We are going on the record once again to share that AMFA’s leadership will commit to AMFA’s objective to raise the standards and increase the recognition of our craft/trade in the aviation industry.

Yep Swamp some great progress going on here. Westjet is likely going to outsource their entire Maintenance group.

SWAMECH what’s your opinion? Will AMFA lose all their members at Westjet the way they did at Northwest back in 2005?

Readers want to know.
Here is a trivial question, who is the best source of comedy on this forum? Ill give you a clue his name starts with a S...

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