AMR loses $529 million in 4th quarter


Aug 19, 2002
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FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Consistent with [BR]expectations, AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR - News), the parent company [BR]of American Airlines, Inc., today reported a fourth quarter net loss [BR]of $529 million, or $3.39 per share. This compares with last year's [BR]fourth quarter net loss of $734 million before special items, and [BR]$798 million -- $5.17 per share -- after special items.[BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=]AMR Reports Fourth Quarter Loss of $529 Million[/A][/SPAN]


Aug 20, 2002
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[BR][BR][EM]Carty acknowledged that the future of the Company cannot be assured until ways are found to lower significantly its labor and other costs.[BR][BR]Carty stressed that, to put the Company on a sustainable footing and for its continued survival, American must move quickly to reduce its labor costs significantly...[BR][BR]Our people remain our greatest asset," Carty said.[BR][BR][BR][/EM]So, out of one side of his face he's saying AA needs to slash and cut labor....while out of the other side of his mouth he maintains that the employees are AA's greatest asset.[BR][BR]Is this guy blatantly two-faced, or is he really [EM]that clueless [/EM]about what it takes to put a plane in the air? [BR][BR][EM]As the Company faces its challenges, Carty said, it draws strength from its operational performance and the quality of its customer service. [BR][BR]At the same time, customer satisfaction ratings are among the best in years as employees on the ground and in the air continue to focus on the needs of passengers and shippers.[BR][BR][/EM]So, it appears that Carty's idea of rewarding the hard working people who are directly and solely responsible for customer satisfaction ratings, is to slash their numbers, lower their wages and lobby congress for the right to dry hump the hell out of each and every one of them at will?[BR][BR]How many employees will this old bðstard drive into bankruptcy before he's happy? How many families must be destroyed to preserve executive management positions, salaries, benefits and perks?[BR][BR]To all you Carty supporters lining up to "do your part" you deserve it, and should save AA the trouble by lining up now and volunteering to quit. To the rest of you....stand tough! It doesn't take a genius to see what Carty is up to and it doesn't take Miss Cleo to see what's comming at you from your commander in chief. Remember, EMPLOYEES make jets fly, not CEOs!


Aug 20, 2002
When Carty said that the employees are American's greatest asset, he lied. You do not get rid of your assets by laying people off.

Southwest Airlines was the only major carrier not to layoff its people. Why is that? Southwest Airlines has a business model that works, American does not.


Aug 22, 2002
On 1/22/2003 10:51:27 AM acmech wrote:

Southwest Airlines was the only major carrier not to layoff its people. Why is that?

Gee I don't know, maybe it has something to do with they're the richest and most profitable airline in the world!