And you though the 'REPLUGS' had ALL the problems they could handle in the 2016' election ?

Aug 20, 2002
But fairness to JB,......on this, I agree with him .
(But in TYPICAL Whack Job.conservative style, .....A. the miami Cuban Replugs just BARFED in thier black beans and rice, after JB's statement,...B. The Tea Party just issued a FATWAH against JB,....and  C. Sheldon Adelson doesn't know whether to ..SHIIT ($$$$$$) or go Blind.., because unlike the Kokain Bros. , ol' SHELDON (...."OIY-VEY...Lets make a Deal" ) Just wants a REPLUG......A N Y ..REPLUG @ '1600 )
Soooo..what say you eolesen / dell / signals / cit-RAT / , boys backin' ol' Jeb in the primaries, if he runs  ??? (southwind....FEEDING time at the  Z O over, so Get BACK in Your CAGE)
Even the ol' BEAR has said that with the right VP pick, JB 'could' make the '16 race interesting !
Wow, Bears. You've moved beyond your normal borderline bigotry into full blown ant-Semitic hate speech.

Your family must be so proud...
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