Another Layer Of Customer Service Management


Dec 16, 2003
FYI, Customer Service Department that falls under Managing Director Suha Arkan. Suha was promoted to Managing Director awhile back when all others were taking pay cuts and concessions. Recently he created a couple more layers of management at a time when we have been cutting to save cost. He appointed Laurie Johnston to Director of Customer Service Training and Procedures. This is the level that was eliminated when he was promoted. He also hired 4 managers to replace Laurie. Some of these managers have as little as 1 employee to manage. Those positions were not even posted on COB's and other maybe more qualified employees were not given a chance to interview for these positions. I would like for Mr. Crellin and Mr. Dave to explain why we keep doing without to perform almost impossible task and yet we create positions just to take care of friends and quite the squeaky wheel. Another employee voiced his concerns and was very close to being fired for questioning Mr. Arkan’s decisions. Customer Service continues to get further and further behind the other airlines because of management that is only concerned of taking care of friends and continuing to run the airline the same way that has put us where we are at. Dave, if you are going to stay, then I suggest you clean a few more old hats off the shelf.
All of these Customer Service management positions from a company that
treats customers deplorably.......
now we know why we lost more jobs than any other airline. It sure is sad to see this group of incompetent gang of thieves and liars eliminate more of the employees so they suit themselves better. It is high time the gangsters and thieves of CCY get the heck out before the fire gets bigger and bigger!
Typical Usairway's management taking care of their own. Someone from each Union and Seigal need to go through every layer of Executives and Management from the very top to the local Shift Managers and get rid of this waste. Then when they are through, Seigal needs to be replaced.