Anybody have a truck?


Apr 18, 2003
If they ask me I''d go, but the fact is that management is doing a good job, Mr. Crandall reiterated. If Don Carty got run over by a truck, maybe they''d ask me to come back and I would. What else was I supposed to say, no?

This appeared in todays Dallas Morning news. WOW!
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see my post on the business plan, the only morons are the ones in charge at the moment...see you in the unemployment line!
Uhm, moron, this man is on record as saying he''d simply let the airplanes retire and take AMR out of the airline business...
Okay...A truck hits Don. The call goes out to Bob, who''s spending the afternoon on his sailboat..Don''s been hit. We need you. Now, Bob ponders''s a nice sunny day, he''s under no pressure and he rather enjoys his free time sailing.

"I dunno" he replies "Life''s pretty good here". The board of directors is desparate...the employees are begging him to come back. "Don''t they remember the B scales?" Bob asks "This looks to be a pretty big mess to get out of".

"Trust us" says the BOD..."The employees NEED you to come back".

Bob''s wife looks up to him...she rather enjoy''s the old coots company. "I dunno" said Bob.

"L:eek:ok" says the directors, "We''ll pay you a signing bonus of ten million, a salary of two million a year, and stock options and country club membership...we need you".

Bob thinks a bit..."I''m not as young as I used to be...what do I have if this takes a toll on my health...what about the future of my wife and kids"?

"We''ll guarantee them a million a year for life, protected from any creditors should there be a bankruptcy...they''ll be taken care of." says the directors

"What if the employees revolt once I take over" said Bob "You know how they hate cuts"

"If they revolt and want you out, we''ll guarantee you a severance package equal to 5 times your annual pay...we''re desparate Bob...What''s your answer??"

"I''ll do it" Bob says.

Then Bob shows up for his first day to address the union leaders and says "You know those cuts Don asked for? Well forget them. We need more"

And you all lived happily ever after, right??
People at AA would really want Crandall back? Isn''t he the one that likes to outsource agents and I would guess anyone he could? Isn''t he the one that took the mainline jets from most of the TX cities flying to and from DFW and gave them to Eagle? Do you really think he''s a friend of labor?
"Do you really think he''s a friend of labor?"

What is amazing is the leadership at the top of this company
actually makes Crandall look good.

Kind of like the middle east problem. I just can''t believe how the Palestinians are able to make the Isrealis look good.