AOPA Opposes TFR For UAVS Along US-Mexico Border


Nov 15, 2005
More UAV-Related Flight Restrictions On The Way

It came as a bit of a surprise to all of us: last Friday, the FAA suddenly -- and somewhat unexpectedly -- established a temporary flight restriction (TFR) area near Nogales, AZ along the Mexican border for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights. The Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association was also surprised by the year-long TFR, and they've let their feelings about the sudden airspace restriction be known to the FAA.

"While there has been ongoing discussion regarding TFRs for US Customs Border Patrol UAV operations, the unexpected, immediate implementation of this TFR raises concerns that the FAA and the Department of Homeland Security have not taken into consideration the impact that this kind of TFR has on general aviation," said Melissa Rudinger, vice president for regulatory affairs at AOPA.

"The association staff is meeting this week with the FAA, Homeland Security, and other security officials to take up the issue," Rudinger added.

Aero-News Network
I normally applaud the AOPA and the actions they take on behalf of GA. In this case I have to wonder....why? This TFR has a block altitude of 12,000-14,000 MSL. I would think that most GA aircraft can fly below this, and commercial aircraft fly above. To add to this it is in effect between the hours of 1700-0700 (local).

I understand the intent of the argument, but this might be one for another day. I firmly believe that the DC ADIZ TFR deserves more attention as it affects ground-to-ceiling flying.