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Aug 20, 2002
AA- Advisors, Preparation.
Feb 15, 2003
Via E-mail and FAX.
Dear Brothers
I have received some inquiries regarding our upcoming meetings with American Feb 24-Mar 7, 2003 specifically, what preparations are being made in the event of Chapter 11 filing by American Airlines. I have received approval from Sonny Hall in the establishment of a quality advisory team to protect our member’s interests.
General Legal Counsel – Arthur Luby
Economic & Financial advisors – Eclat Consulting
Research analysis- John Donnelly
Investment Advisors (Investment Banking firm)
Bankruptcy Counsel – TBD
Pension Plan (ERISA) advisor – TBD
Benefits (Insurance) advisor – TBD

We are also discussing some joint consulting services with APA and APFA. Once we have them all in place I will give you an update. I am also in the process of setting up a conference bridge should we need it. During the two-week period we will need to know your availability. (Vacation etc) Please E-mail Gary and Cindy your schedules, as well as evening and weekend contacts should we need to get a hold of you.

James C. Little
Director Air Transport Division
Transport Workers Union of America


Sep 22, 2002
On 2/16/2003 11:13:36 AM Buck wrote:

What does Sonny Hall have to do with our business? Who is he anyway?
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Aug 20, 2002
It appears Sonny Hall is required to approve Mr. Little's actions.

And we thought the members were the "supreme authority"?
Aug 20, 2002
Sonny Hall is the International President of the air transport division, with his office in NYC. ("Little Jim's" Boss)

Ol' Sonny is retireing real soon, and guess who is the "morning line favorite" to replace him? Yup, "little Jim" !!

As you may remember, "little Jim", replaced one mr. Ed Koziatek, as Air Transport division-Director.
Koziatek was "Strongly rumored" to have been Forced into retirement.
The 2 most lethal things that have EVER happened to this union was
1. Transfering HDQ(and the ATD office) to DFW, FROM NYC.
2. Koziatek's tenure !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koziatek Never met a "deal" that he did'nt like(between the company, and union) BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which leads me to my final observation.
IMHO, this "charade" of these meetings between the TWU/AA on 2/20, 2/24-3/07, is just formality !!!!

Judging by TWU history, what ever we're going to give up HAS already been decided.

Anybody out there that thinks otherwise, probably still believes in the TOOTH FAIRY !

Dave, I know you and I have been on opposite sides, on a lot of "posts", here and PB/BB's. I'm getting "TF" outta here, very shortly. I seriously hope/wish that you "younger" guys(AMT's), are (down the road) sucsessful in getting AMFA on board,(which I've been a lone voice, as a fsc, on these boards !!


Do you like SNOW ??????/
I've got 2 1/2 feet of it, out side my window, that just paralized NE.
I am NOT looking forward to the shovel, tomorrow morning !!!!!!

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