Assetto Corsa

La Li Lu Le Lo

May 29, 2010
Assetto Corsa
I just bought this new racing sim.
Here it is using TrackIR head tracking.
The simulation is not actually out yet but can be played in it's "early access" phase. It offers online multiplayer.
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PC. Though if you play consoles Gran Turismo (Playstation 3) or Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox 1) are good choices.
I prefer pc based gaming. For some reason consoles have never done much for me. Especially now given that they are $300-400 +. I built my own pc with I so 2 hr waste more money.
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What do you define as real racing?
The only racing I do not really like is NASCAR, from what I have seen NASCAR refuses to embrace new technology.
Solid Axle
Pushrod V8's
I realize there is a policing and cost issue, other types of racing do not seem to let these issues stop them.
I have recently discovered drift racing, I do not understand it very well yet (as far as the mechanics of the point system) but it is fun to watch.
It is worth noting that one of the top drivers drives a DODGE VIPER!!!!
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My favorite driver because 
1. He is talented
2. He drives an RX-7, one of which I used to own.
La Li Lu Le Lo said:
PC. Though if you play consoles Gran Turismo (Playstation 3) or Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox 1) are good choices.
Great looking racing sim....never could get into those though.
Rpg's and FPS's for me, pc of course!
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I used to play alot of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Truth is I have over 100 FPS's and got burnt out on them. My favorite online RPG was City of Heroes/Villains (Ultima Online was a close second).
These days I play alot of DCS Blackshark. It offers a different kind of gameplay. 
I also have GTR2 but never got into it as much as Assetto.
This guy apparently REALLY got into GTR2.....
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Here is an interesting video showing how accurately the sim sinks up with a racing wheel. No Lag. :)
Please not this sim is still in Beta and has not officially been released.
Note this wheel has dual motor force feedback.