Bravo BA!

[P][FONT size=4][BIG class=pr]Dow Jones Business News[/BIG][BR][/FONT][SPAN class=t]British Airways 1st Airline Using Warning Cards On Ground[/SPAN][BR][SPAN class=tt]Thursday October 31, 8:54 am ET[/SPAN]
[DIV class=ar]LONDON (AP)--British Airways PLC Thursday became the first airline to introduce a system of soccer-style warning cards for disruptive passengers on the ground.
[P]The cards are already used by some airlines to discourage air rage in flight.
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[TD][/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]The airline said any passenger who is disruptive or abusive toward a member of its ground staff will be shown a yellow warning card. If they do not calm down, they may be refused aboard their flight. In extreme cases, police will be called, British Airways said.
[P]Recent reports from our staff suggest the number of ''ground rage'' incidents is on the increase, said Geoff Want, director of safety and security of the airline, which carries more than 40 million passengers a year. Our staff have to deal with aggressive behavior on a daily basis and at least once a month this turns to physical abuse.
[P]We hope the cards will defuse the situation on the ground to avoid the behavior escalating in the air which may put passengers and crew at risk at 35, 000 feet.
[P]He said experience with disruptive passengers in the air had shown that in most cases, issuing a yellow card stops misbehavior.
[P]The scheme is borrowed from the warning system used on soccer players who are shown a yellow card for a foul. A second yellow card means the player is sent off.[/P][/DIV]