Carty appointed head of ATA/CESTA!!!


Aug 21, 2002
Figured that would get your attention for a laugh. One thing is for sure, I would not doubt his hatred for labor hasn''t increased 10 fold. Our luck he would wind up applying the full force of his might pushing this CESTA thing through. If not he might just wind up in the land of other republican has/been''s. Lets see.....Cheney'' a la haliburton, Bush a la Texas rangers, Spence Abraham, Lost in Michigan and is now the in the Cabinet. Oh, yeah that guy named Ashcroft that lost to the dead guy and what about that woman in charge of all the problems with the Florida Vote in 2000? One last person, the secretary of the treasury that took the 19 year pension from his company to head the treasury department that is due to sign a bill eliminating pensions for workers and changing them to cash balance programs as SOP?

I am Not Republican BASHING, just pointing out places people like Carty tend to hide when they dont like Labor but enjoy the privlege of membership.