Dec 28, 2009
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Japanese cult leader is speaking for the 10th year in a row at CPAC

On the same day the Conservative Political Action Conference rolled a literal golden idol of Donald Trump onto the floor, a Japanese cult leader viewed as a messianic figure from the planet Venus will address the crowd for the tenth year in a row.

However, he is also a messianic figure in the Happy Science cult, which sells "miracle cures" for Covid-19. Mr Aeba's role as cult savior is not included in his CPAC speaker biography.

Sarah Hightower, a researcher and expert on Japanese cults, told Vice News that cult's beliefs included the ability for their leader to channel various people, including gods.

Just cant make this **** up.....:D:D:D
And the GOP agenda for 2024 is

The GOP agenda is, your favorite party, is doing the same things, so far, in less than 100 days, that got Trump elected in 2016.
Heil Trump. Long live the king. CPAC was about Trump and not about policy, views, or agenda. That should scare you, but it doesn't.
Heil Trump. Long live the king. CPAC was about Trump and not about policy, views, or agenda. That should scare you, but it doesn't.

Why should anyone be scared....don't remember Trump firing Dr Suess or messing with Mr Potatohead.
I thought Trump was the fascist dictator.... Biden, dem's, big tech and media using and promoting fascism to silence the right and you tell me I should worry about Trump?


This year’s CPAC agenda features six panels in which China is a key theme, with titles ranging from “China Subverts America” to “Corporate America Surrendering to China.” The geopolitical challenges posed by China are also likely to come up in the speeches of several 2024 hopefuls — some of whom spoke Friday — using the conference to road-test new messages.

“I will not allow any more bad trade deals that favor Communist China and hurt American workers,” said Florida Sen. Rick Scott during an appearance at the conference Friday afternoon, adding that China “is jailing and murdering its own citizens … because they have spoken the truth about the Wuhan virus.”

"China is a key part of the new conservative movement moving forward,” said Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, who chairs the ultra-conservative Republican Study Committee.

"If Republicans are going to win the White House in 2024 and win back the majority in 2022, we need to preserve a tough-on-China message, make that a key part of our platform and expose [Democrats] for being a pro-China party,” he added.

CPAC organizers have gone to great lengths to ensure China remains front-and-center in the GOP agenda with Trump no longer in office. One person familiar with the matter said there were as many as a dozen panels on China proposed by organizers and sponsors during the planning process for this year’s conference in Orlando. What made the cut ranges from a panel entitled “Big Tech is for sale and China and Russia are buying” to a discussion on corporate America’s coziness with Beijing. On Sunday, Trump will deliver a much anticipated speech in which aides say he will make the case that President Joe Biden is already “capitulating to Iran and China.”