Delta 747: World's largest porta-potty


Jan 5, 2003
Someone on Flyertalk reports that Delta saved the day at MSP on Sunday, March 22, following a water main break:
MSP had a bad water main break Sunday morning, which led to problems for restaurants and restrooms in Terminal 1. For several hours, many of the airport restrooms were closed, undoubtedly inconveniencing many passengers. Delta is rotating 747s through MSP for maintenance and just happened to have an unused 747 sitting at the hangar at MSP. So, Delta towed the 747 up to hate F12 and opened it up for customers to use the restrooms. That's some ingenuity. Did anyone here happen to get to use the 747 lavs at MSP today?

clever indeed.

I'm sure a few people that would otherwise not ever step foot on one got to see a 744.

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