Delta domestic ground stop Sunday Jan 29 evening; computer issues


Jan 5, 2003
Here we go again. This week it's Delta that's grounded its domestic flights due to computer issues:

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nutjob, but if I were al Qaeda or the Islamic State, shutting down the big airlines' computer systems would be on my to-do list. The sheer number of computer incidents the past couple of years makes me skeptical that they're all just hardware/software/incompetent IT manager issues.
Nearly two and a half hours later, the ground stop was lifted:

Delta Air Lines Inc.’s grounding of U.S. flights was lifted after almost two and a half hours, ending the second disruption among major U.S. domestic airlines in just one week.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which said “automation issues” at Delta were to blame, in a later statement said the grounding was canceled. Delta’s international flights were exempt from the problem.
Wow! Who's next. First it was United and SWA, now Delta, is AA next? Still no hacks I presume??