Delta''s last stand- interesting article about new DL technology called Delta Nervous System


Aug 19, 2002
Fascinating, well-written and exhaustive (read: very long) article from Baseline about new technology developed for Delta called Delta Nervous System.

Before its industry went into a tailspin, Delta Air Lines invested $1.5 billion in an instant information network to serve customers better and save millions of dollars. Will that be enough to make it the last major airline able to attract price-conscious passengers and stave off crushing cost competition?

Delta''s last stand

Thanks for the link, yes, a very good article. I would hope that other posters would take the time to read but hey, there''s blood in the water at the other network carriers.

If any carrier can make a winner from a low-cost subsidiary it will be DL. They had the foresight to launch this initiative years ago. Previously I''d not been impressed with the way DL handled some of their good customers.

This article does bring to mind an appropriate remark I read a few weeks ago in Businessweek -- the author was interviewing a ground soldier in Iraq. The soldier commented that "a paper map with a bullet hole in it is still a map...but a computer screen with a hole is just junk".

My compliments to all the good folks at DL!

Technology is not the only solution though.