DL, Skyteam partners add new service to MIA


Corn Field
Dec 5, 2003
DL and Skyteam partner KL are adding within the next couple days new service to LHR and AMS.

Air France is adding service from CDG-MCO.

DL is adding new connecting service to several routes wihtin Florida and has also added or will add service to DCA and LAX, further increasing DL's schedule from MIA to about a dozen cities in N. America.


As the largest US gateway with a single US carrier operating transoceanic service, the Skyteam joint venture partners apparently see an opportunity to increase Skyteam's share of the international and domestic market at MIA.

By this summer, DL and Skyteam will have increased flights by 50% from MIA with a 30% increase in seats.
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looks like Delta is promoting its new LHR services with some high tech marketing toys at key London locations, including - believe it or not - British Airways terminal at LHR.


someone has some gutsy marketing in them....

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