DL to start LAX-LHR, VS to start ATL-LHR

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I hope you don't think that anyone really expects that AA was going to walk away from LAX. UA and the smaller airlines are clearly DL's targets even if the markets overlap with AA.

AA and DL will be in a horserace at LAX but it still doesn't mean that AA is going to succeed in markets where it hasn't been able to succeed in the past - but if UA really decides to shrink, it will benefit AA - as well as DL with market gains proportional to what has taken place up to this point.

I'm sure AA will add ATL-LAX and probably jump into DTW and/or MSP and then DL will add a couple more MIA flights probably ORD and DEN and maybe a CLT or PHL and then you'll have two much more similar operations.

and then DL will start MIA-Latin America.

And despite what some say, DL hasn't gotten the message that they have no room to grow at LAX - just this week they have added 4 large RJ and one widebody flight.

Further, all of DL's large RJ flights have the potential for upgrades.