DOT Revenue Comps

you are clearly very tired.... I thought you were going to bed.
And if DL is wrong, then sue them or file a complaint.
If they are right - which I strongly suspect they are or they couldn't make the claim they did, then your whole argument goes up in smoke. 
the only fraud is from those who think that the DOT data paints DL in a bad picture or AA in a good one.

DL is profitable across both the Atlantic and the Pacific while AA has had to cut dramatically to Europe in order to turn its Atlantic operation around; the losses that DL has suffered to Latin America are driven by the same forces that will cost AA far more in its own primary int'l region than they will cost DL in a region where DL is smaller than AA, AA's int'l size is driven by DFW and MIA and not from NYC, ORD, or LAX; and AA, not DL, is facing enormous competitive pressures in its dominant markets which are currently monopolistic.

The AA fankids are reveling in the size that was created by the merger but which still has not addressed AA's long-term strategic underperformance relative to DL and UA in the int'l market and as those realities sink in, AA's vaunted position in the eyes of many people here will shrink.
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So let's see DL is profitable in 2 of the 3 international regions it flies

So UA is profitable in all 3

So AA is profitable in 2 of 3 regions it flies

Double standard again

Wait I forget AA losses are half what DL losses in its unprofitable market

Really tough one
the data does in fact support the notion that DL gets higher average fares than AA.

You just don't want to look at it because it enjoys your narrative.

further, despite your belief, DL's int'l network is growing while AA's is shrinking.

DL is the largest int'l airline at both JFK and LAX.
WorldTraveler said:
the data does in fact support the notion that DL gets higher average fares than AA.

Remind everybody again what average fares DL gets on the transcons compared to AA?
That doesn't fit your narrative?
Oh, what about LAX-Chicago or LAX-Washington?
DL can only get you there via ATL?
So sad!
and DL gets higher total revenue.
tell us about AA's network from DTW and MSP other than via their hubs.
more importantly AA's service from JFK to Asia, anywhere on the west coast to ICN, HKG, PEK, HND (yeah where is that ruling about the route AA was going to steal from DL?)?
DL and UA do all of that from their hubs and DL has TWO HND routes.  Looks like AA is going to go home empty handed yet again.
WorldTraveler said:
the data does in fact support the notion that DL gets higher average fares than AA.
Oh oh, looks like World Fraudster got caught up is a web of lies he's spun, so what does he do now?
Change the topic and spin away!
WorldTraveler said:
and DL gets higher total revenue.
And I thought you had the mental horsepower to grasp the issues.
so let's call the other side a loser because they highlight facts that you don't want to admit. 
DL gets a higher system yield than AA... 17.22 to 17.04
(DL 2014 10K page 25, AAL 2014 10K, page 76)
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It's great you spent time finding one thing DL is better than the others are at

DL still carried fewer passengers than the other two carriers

Tough one