EAA To Salute 50 Years Of The Cessna 172 At AirVenture 2006


Nov 15, 2005
Say what you will about the somewhat dowdy Cessna 172 -- it's likely you'll do so with respect, even if at first your comments may not seem complimentary. After all, the 172 has never been the sexiest aircraft on any ramp... anywhere.

With its strut-mounted high-wing, pug nose, and compact dimensions, it takes a practiced eye to identify a brand-new leather-and-G1000-equipped SP from a well-kept shag, steam-gauge, and Royalite-bedecked model from 30 years ago. The new model will also go about as fast, with 120 knots indicated on a good day -- hardly Cirrus numbers.

And for a multitude of pilots, that's more than fine. Known for its docile flight characteristics, the Skyhawk (as the model became known by in the late 60s) has endeared itself to three generations of pilots over its 50 years of existence. Much has changed about the actual aircraft -- but the spirit remains the same, and the EAA will honor that spirit at AirVenture 2006 in Oshkosh by saluting the 50th anniversary of the general aviation mainstay.

Since its introduction in 1956, the Cessna 172 has become the most successful small airplane in history. Countless pilots have learned the basics of flight in its cockpit and many of them continue to fly the familiar high-wing aircraft throughout North America and from locations around the world.

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