Eclipse 500 Back in the Air with Interim Engines


May 8, 2003
Eclipse 500 Back in the Air with Interim Engines
The first prototype of the Eclipse 500, S/N 100, took off at 8:47 a.m. this morning from Albuquerque Sunport in New Mexico and flew for 26 minutes, completing all planned maneuvers, according to the company. This was only the second flight for the model, which first flew on August 25 last year powered by Williams International 770-pound-thrust EJ22 turbofans. Last November, the company terminated its agreement with Williams and in February announced it had signed an agreement with Pratt & Whitney Canada to supply 900-pound-thrust PW610F engines for the very light jet. “To enable us to advance our flight test program prior to receiving the PW610F engines, we have equipped the Eclipse 500 test aircraft with an interim engine made by Teledyne, the model 382-10E,â€￾ said a spokesman. This low-bypass turbofan, which produces about 800 pounds of thrust, is used on UAVs and some versions of the Cruise missile, he told AIN Alerts. “We plan to complete much of the development testing of the Eclipse 500 aerodynamics and systems with the interim engines this year, which will allow us to enter certification flight testing as soon as the Pratt & Whitney Canada engines are available late next year.â€￾ The second and subsequent flight-test aircraft will fly with the PW610F engines.