Economy, Basic Economy, Main Cabin...


May 10, 2021
The airline is being opaque on purpose, aren't they? They can't make it that hard to figure out what your deal is, unless they are doing it on purpose, right? Why don't they simply print the deal right there on your ticket? Any other service item I buy has the terms right there in black and white. Not airline tickets though. A simple grid of terms would not be hard, so it's absence on any official FAQ must be a deliberate omission. [Ok, end rant.]

I just bought a ticket wot sez "Economy O." I think this is "main cabin," not "Basic Economy." But of course why doesn't it just use one of those terms then? I think it is "main cabin" because we were able to reserve seats. "Economy," despite being the only identifiable information on class printed on our ticket, does not appear to be an actual official class.

Anyway, it does say non-refundable, fair enough, but I do think it is eligible for one free change without fee, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere.

So is that what I've got, a non-refundable "main cabin" ticket, that will allow seat selection, and will allow changes to the reservation dates (and destination?) without a fee? In other words, it is cancellable, in exchange for a credit voucher?

I haven't flown American in years. I am regretting my choice to try it now...

Thanks in advamce for some illimination
AA decided to stop selling basic economy in a bunch of markets last month. You got lucky apparently.
My doctor flies on AA every year to Hawaii and has complained that the 737 seats are uncomfortable and the AirBus is good.

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