EJs and ILE


Feb 26, 2003
COEX flies EJs from IAH to ILE. ILE has a 5,000 feet runway. I thought one of the negatives with the Embraer Jet(or could this be Bombardier''s problem) was that they consumed too much runway for take off and landings.
I noticed at IAH some EJs have winglets and some do not,what is the difference? Thank You.
ILE is definetly one of our more annoying turns in the jet. It's tough to find the first time you're there, because of the nearby military base. The runway being short means you better be on the ball on final. Eagle has had two Saabs go of the end there in the past few years, so it's a pretty thin margin. Plus there is no approach from the north, so if the wind and weather are such we can't land there. As far as departing ILE the loads aren't to tight and we use the 135, which only holds 37 people max. It's probably pretty interesting in the summer, but I've never done it. They really need to get the terminal built at the military base!

As for the winglets, those are ERJ-145XR models. They have greater range due to the winglets and a center fuel tank, so that we can wreck more havoc on mainline flying and damage our careers!