Employee Sues Airline For Husbands Death


Oct 23, 2010
Let's see here, she caught it (from who? no one knows including her) and she passed the virus onto her husband, admittedly. And now she wants to blame the airline and sues for 3 million???
Good luck with that one.
If this is even allowed to move forward, it will open a can of worms across America. No way this Judge will let this go forward, toss it by the waste side.
Frivolous suit if ya ask me.
She's only been there for 5 years and knows the airline followed "ALL" CDC guidelines as well as suggestions...

Yep, there's no other reasonable way that a 65+ year old FA or 70+ year old man could have caught COVID except at work...
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Impossible to prove. Should get tossed. Not even sure why an attorney would waste their time with that one.
Think about it. F/A that is only there for 5 years and 65 years old, ready to retire, and hubby had no life insurance, she now sees she would have to work the rest of her life so she pulls the suit out of thin air so she can retire since hubby had no real retirement savings and no life insurance.
This story won't even take flight... :)