EX-TWA people need apply?

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Aug 29, 2002
I thought I would slip out of the fray over at US and lick my wounds....lots of in-fighting over there. My question to ex-TW people is this: After AA bought you up how was senority, pay scale and station options treated? I need to ask this since the demise of US is uncertain at best-if it-U-is chopped up and sold off, and agts go along with the package, I would like to have some inkling of what is instore for 24yrs of service to ole blue....thanx in advance!

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
A horrible thought of USAir being broken and sold. TW assets came in and the agents and flight attendants got full company and pay seniority. Occupational started on the day the purchase became final. April 10, 2001. Pilots got a mix bag due mainly to beable to keep the operation up and running. The TWU per its contract agreed to a arbitration and in a set number of places the former TW people got 25% of there credited years at TW to count at AA.

I say its a horrible thought, because of a loss of another carrier and lost jobs of friends. Remember all the airlines have people out on the street. Before they take on someone from a asset purchase. They will have to and want to bring back there own from layoff.
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