EXECUTIVE ORDER ! ...... NO Deportation !

Because having more illegals here driving down wages, taking American jobs, and not paying taxes is exactly what this country needs right?
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Big deal. It's not like the current administration has been enforcing deportations over the last few years.

Let's see what happens 45 days from now...
always nice to see anything the dumb sob does dismissed with a silly joke
eolesen said:
One silly joke (Obama) clearly deserves another (either Bears or Dog... your choice)
lol true E
btw my comment was not directed at you to be clear
To me this is simple black letter law.
We have immigration Laws that currently almost NO ONE likes. That's the law we're stuck with. If the POTUS had half a testicle all he would have to do is follow the law and VIGOROUSLY enforce it. The public pressure would force those doing the obstructing to come to the table and smash out a workable deal.
We are supposed to a nation of laws and not of men and this issue is but one of the reasons why.
To those that have the power, they seem to think the laws are fine the way they are.  Dems like it because it increases their voter base over time as new citizens get born into the country.  Republicans like it because it brings cheap labor into the country.  Most consumers like it (although they don't know it) because goods and services are cheaper.  Its a win win win all the way around.  When either party has had control of COngress and the WH neither party has made an substantive changes to the policy just as neither has done anything about campaign finance laws when they had the chance.  Each side will whine when they are not in power but wont do crap when they are.
Glenn Quagmire said:
Check your facts E.


High rate of deportations continue under Obama despite Latino disapproval

Glenn, you might want to check your own facts and not believe the first set of Google results...

The Obama Administration's numbers on deportation include those caught by Border Patrol and immediately returned (catch & release). Previous administrations only reported those who were detained or administratively deported after having successfully made it across the border for more than a day or two...

That's the brunt of removals.


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