Father's Day Greetings From A Son

Captain Ed

Oct 11, 2003
Brick NJ
Topic: Fathers Day Greetings from a Son

On this fathers day I now take time to recall,
How you taught me to ride a motorbike and get up from the

How to light farts and waft, how to fart on the fly,

How to do this with gusto and to not be shy,

How to pick thy nose, to then aim and flick

How to stretch thy tongue to nostril, then coolly enter for a lick

How, with just 1 gallon, I could lather, shampoo and shower,

How with 1 can of paint to change the peace sign to Bomber

How to play chess, Aggravation and Ace-e Duce,

How to give the middle finger when driving and shout same to

How to slick back my hair with all kinds of goop,

How to enjoy wine and cigars on your own front stoop,

How to cook Chili, Moussaka and PB & J with Butter,

How to time it just right, and when to respond "your Mutter",

How to sit back, relax and just let boys be boys

How to enjoy, and not break, all of our toys

How to be patient when your 5th bike gets taken,

How to encourage the roof swan dive when my legs are a

How cool it can really be to have a car like Ned,

How a basement can truly be a great place for a bed,

How motorhome camping is good family fun,

How Irish music and whiskey are soothing when the day is done

For all this and more I thank you and pray
that you'll realize what a good upbringing I had, Dad, this
Fathers Day.

Love, Pat

Patrick Sarsfield Toner is our second son. Did I bring 'em up
right, or what?

Pat is now a VP with a very large NJ construction co.
Masters Degree in Construction Engineering.

You have every right to be proud of an outstanding young man!

It's obvious he feels the same way about you.

That love relegates all the other stuff on these boards to the sidelines.